Building Disability-Aware SystemsDigital Accessibility and Usability

People with disabilities face challenges in environments that do not meet their needs. It is even more difficult for people with multiple disabilities as their needs are not often incorporated into the design of digital systems due to the difficulty of designing for them.

My research focuses on meeting the needs of people with disabilities through the design and development of disability-aware systems and technologies that offer adaptive and personalised experience to users.


What is web accessibility?


Passionate about user experience.Julius T. Nganji, PhDAdjunct Lecturer, University of Toronto

I am a digital accessibility and usability researcher and an IT professional who is passionate about removing accessibility and usability barriers and improving user experience.

I am always happy to connect with other researchers and to collaborate on research projects in my fields of interest. Please feel free to contact me.


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Call for Papers and other projects

A few projects I contribute to.

Webinar: Accessible & Usable Interactions for Web applications

My colleague Rabab and I will lead this IAAP webinar on September 14, 2022.

Journal of Big Data

Please submit a paper to our special issue titled “Applications and development in Linked Open Data (LOD) cloud“.

Computers and Electrical Engineering Journal

Our Special Issue was published in July 2021. Read the articles.

The PIRL Project

I contribute to the PIRL project. Find out about this project.