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Using Twitter to Understand the Effects of the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis on Social Determinants of Health

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Social Media | 0 comments

Insufficient opportunities to collect data on public health exist in armed conflict regions. Increased use of social media during war and conflict has allowed for data collection in situations where information is usually difficult to obtain. In this study, Twitter, a public social media platform, was used as a source of data and information to gain insight into how the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis impacts public health in the population. Our findings revealed that Twitter was being used to share information and call for action. Analysis of tweets revealed 8 distinct themes, which illustrated the impact of the crisis on the social determinants of health: neglect from government related to the social determinants of health; education; loss of employment; increased poverty; housing and homelessness; social exclusion and oppression; women and gender inequality; and health services. This study provides insight into the significant impact on public health in Cameroon caused by the Anglophone Crisis, and demonstrates the potential benefits of social media for gathering information about public health in crisis situations.


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